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Interested in international development? Join the BIDC committee and support the delivery of the biggest event in Bristol Hub's Calendar!
November - February, 1-2 hour per week
University of Bristol
The Bristol International Development Conference Committee
Interested in International Development? Opinionated about issues such as refugee’s rights, poverty and political instability? Keen to develop key skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork?
If this sounds about right, the Bristol International Development Conference wants to hear from you.
Now in its 8th year, the BIDC brings together academics, activists and experts in international development to speak on one platform. Whether it’s political, environmental or human rights, we offer a forum for discussion and engagement on critical international issues.
This is a student led initiative, delivered with support from Bristol Hub.
The conference will be held in February 2018.
BIDC Committee Role Descriptions:
We are recruiting for the following committee roles:
Speaker Liaison (x3-4)
As the name may suggest, the Speaker Liaison team will be in charge of sourcing speakers for the conference. To excel in this role, we are looking for the following skills:
  • Self-starter – You will be actively looking for speakers, whether academics, activists or professionals, so it is important that you are proactive and enthusiastic in your approach;
  • Organisation – The conference will rest on the speakers being confirmed in time, and it is your job to ensure that this happens;
  • Research – You may not immediately know who to contact, but your research skills should lead you in the right direction;
  • Professionalism – You will be representing the University of Bristol and Bristol Hub to external parties, therefore it is very important that you maintain your professionalism in all communication;
  • Communication – Communicating your interest in international development is fundamental to securing the most imminent speakers; especially when you are liaising with people who have spent their whole careers in the field.
Logistics (x3)
The Logistics team will be responsible for confirming venues, dates, catering and overall event planning. They will be integral to the smooth running of the conference. To excel in this role, we are looking for the following skills:
  • Organisation – This role is all about organisation and time management as the conference will rely on the timely confirmation of venue, catering and ticket sales;
  • Ability to see the big picture – As well as the specifics, the logistics team need to be aware of the big picture. For instance, sometimes it will be necessary to sacrifice small details for the overall success of the event;
  • Teamwork – This team, more than any other, will need to work together, delegate duties and responsibilities amongst themselves and maintain open communication with the rest of the committee about their activities;
  • Responsive – Being responsive is key. You will be contacting many different people and you will need to keep on top of this. Similarly, you will need to be responsive to any sudden changes in plan and adapt, and problem solve.
Budgets & Fundraising (x2)
This team will be in charge of negotiating sponsors, applying for grants and managing expenses. To excel in this role, we are looking for the following skills:
  • The ability to think outside the box – You will need to think beyond the obvious sponsors and consider alternative options. How can we engage parties who have never worked with us before? What fundraising activities can we organise to raise money?
  • Negotiation – Why should businesses and other organisations sponsor us? How much should they sponsor? These are questions you will need answers to. Having diplomacy and tact in your responses is key.
  • Organisation – The whole committee will be relying on your budgeting prowess; how much do we have to spend and how do we spend it?
  • Planning – Last year, the BIDC made a substantial profit. You will need to plan to ensure that we match and, ideally, do even better this year!
Promotions & Marketing (x2)
Everyone knows that half of the success of an event is the turnout and this is where the Promotions & Marketing team comes in. To excel in this role, we are looking for the following skills:
  • Social media pro – Most of our promotion will be done through social media, so it’s important to know which platforms to post to, how to create event pages and to have a friendly “social media voice”;
  • Creativity – You will need creativity to attract interest from people who may never have heard of the BIDC before. Make your posts pique their interest!
  • Organisation – The marketing will need to be consistent and regular; you will need to ensure that communications go out on time so that participants are aware of dates and times!
  • Communication – You will need to be proficient in verbal communication and know how to express details about the conference enthusiastically.
Applications will close on Saturday 14th October at Midnight
Have any questions about the application process or need reasonable adjustments made? Please contact access@bristolhub.org. We are inclusive and encouraging of all University of Bristol students who want to volunteer, and welcome BME, LGBT+ and Disabled applicants.
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