Empower Active

Volunteer as a mentor for year 8 students at Oasis Academy Brislington, to help them build their confidence, self esteem and future aspirations, through the medium of sport.

Informaton icon Volunteer as a mentor for year 8 students at Oasis Academy Brislington, to help them build their confidence, self esteem and future aspirations, through the medium of sport.

Location icon Oasis Academy Brislington

Clock icon Thursdays 13:50-15:10

Empower Active

Empower Active is a mentoring programme for male year 8 students, at our partner School, Oasis Academy Brislington.

As part of the programme, Bristol Hub volunteers are paired up with a year 8 student, acting as a mentor to their student to help raise their confidence, self-esteem and future aspirations, through a mixture of classroom and sports based activities.

We will be working with pupils at a key point in their lives, and we believe we can use the power of sport to help engage these young people and show them what they are able to achieve.

Volunteering with Empower Active

Volunteering with Empower Active is both challenging and rewarding, but one that will provide fantastic experience to anyone involved. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in youth work, teaching, coaching or for anyone who is looking to break out the University bubble and make a real difference to the Bristol community.

Becoming a Mentor

  • You must be a student at the University of Bristol
  • You must complete an online application form and attend a selection workshop
  • You will need a DBS check (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get one) and will need to complete online safeguarding training
  • As a mentor you will be providing the pupils with a positive role model, advice, guidance and someone to look up to
  • Previous coaching or mentoring experience is helpful but certainly not required. What’s more important is bundles of enthusiasm, and a desire to make a difference to the lives of young people in Bristol.
  • You don’t need to be a sporty person, you just need a willingness to get stuck into any activity and set a good example to the young people

Project Details

  • The project will start on Thursday 7th November, and run every Thursday, 13:50-15:10, for a period of 7 weeks.
  • Sessions will take place at Oasis Academy Brislington, except for session 6 (12th December) which will take place on University Campus.
  • You will be paired up 1:1 with a student for the 7 week period
  • Sessions will cover topics such as resilience, motivation, future aspirations and much more
  • Sessions will alternate weekly between classroom based activities, and sports sessions, such as Tennis and Kickboxing.
  • Reasonable travel expenses to and from Oasis Academy Brislington will be reimbursed.

What will you get out of it?

Volunteering with Empower-Active will not only benefit the pupils you’ll be mentoring, but will also help you develop a wide range of skills and experience, that are valued by employers.

Last year, we had 6 volunteers take part in Empower Activee. 100% of theese volunteers agreed that taking part in Empower Active had a positive impact on them developing skills and experiences that are valued by employers

These skills include:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Pastoral support
  • Behavioural management
  • Adaptability

Empower active is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants experience in sports coaching, working with young people and/or working in schools. If you’re exploring a career in education, coaching, social work, youth work, mentoring or community outreach, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We are happy to provide a reference to anyone who takes part in the project.

Volunteering is also fantastic for personal well-being and will give you a great opportunity to meet new people. There will be plenty of social events amongst student volunteers outside of the activity sessions.

Why do young people need Empower Active?

The pupils you will be working with as part of Empower Active have been identified by the school as needing extra support to help motivate and engage them with their education, so that they can reach their full potential. At Bristol Hub we are committed to ensuring that children and young people around Bristol are active, motivated and engaged with their future prospects. You will play a crucial role in broadening the horizons of these students and re-engaging them with their education and future.

What our volunteers say

'For the volunteers, it was a really positive break from the week, I really looked forward to it every week, I’d have classes and then I could go somewhere away from Uni. It was a really good group of people, I think projects like this attract people that want to help other people so they’re generally very friendly and doing all the sports activities and classroom activities and getting to know each other, I think everyone really enjoyed that.' -Angus Adair, Empower Active Volunteer

'I didn’t know bristol at all apart from the little clifton redland bubble, so even just geographically it helped me branch out and know my city more, and get to know local people. It gave me something to do other than studying and socialising with university people, which gave a bit more meaning to my university life. It’s quite an uplifting thing to experience, to feel like what you’re doing is worthwhile' -Molly O'Brien, Empower Active Volunteer.

What our community partner says

It’s been absolutely positive for those kids on the programme, some of them have actually been really engaged with it, and for some of them that is not something they would do very often. Some of those kids (on the project) find it hard to communicate and be in a group environment so for them to actually be in a group, working with others, on those sort of problem solving, team-work activities, was another benefit for them' - Ina Goldberg, Deputy Head at Oasis Academy Brislington.

Training and support

All of our programmes are supported by students and staff. As part of Empower Active, you will have the staff team (Bristol Hub Manager and Promgrammes Manager to speak to at any time. You will also have 2 compulsory training sessions, delivered by a partner from Teach First. One before you start the programme, and one half way through.

The staff team will be leading on your selection workshop, initial training and additional training provision (behaviour management, routes into education etc) throughout Empower Active, as well as any issues that arise with the children the project supports. The staff team will be in touch with you during your placement to get mid-year and end of year feedback, which is required from all volunteers. Volunteers will also be debriefed about any issues with their mentee which they may want the school to support or follow up from.

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