Are you a student at the University of Bristol? We offer a range of opportunities for you to learn about issues, connect with each other and tackle social problems.
If you want to make a difference, one of our volunteering programmes is the place to start. With a simple application process and basic training programme, it's easy to get involved. Each of our programmes only requires 1-2 hours commitment per week too - designed to fit around a busy schedule!
Support young people to achieve their academic potential by volunteering as an academic tutor in a local school. Find out more
Get involved in this intergenerational project, which connects students with older people to help tackle loneliness and social isolation. Find out more
Join our sports mentoring programme and become a positive role model for 8 - 11 year olds during sports-based activity days. Find out more
Become a sports mentor and help to motivate and engage year 9 students in a local school.
Find out more
Take part in weekly creative arts/drama workshops to help boost young peoples creativity and confidence.
Find out more
Help to run fun, interactive outdoor sessions at primary schools, and encourage young people to engage with nature. Find out more
Support primary school pupils to develop creativity and coding abilities by running weekly sessions that children to build and play simple games using Scratch, CSS, HTML and Python.Find out more
Skilled Placements
Skilled placements are a great opportunity to gain professional skills, work closely with a local charity and have a big impact!
These are ambitious programmes for committed and socially-minded students.
The Social Innovation Programme provides students with the opportunity to address challenges in the local area by working in teams to conduct research and act as consultants for local social and environmental organisations. Find out more.
The scheme aims to provide good quality work experience for students looking to break into the social impact sector. We place students with locally charities and social enterprises for 7 week placements over the summer, to work on a meaningful project with that organisation.Find out more.
The Bristol PLUS Award
Students can get recognition for taking part in extra-curricular events and projects run by Bristol Hub through the Bristol PLUS award, which is run by the Careers Service.
The Award provides a framework for students to reflect on the skills they have gained and learn how to articulate them effectively to future employers. For more details and learn how the PLUS Award could benefit you please see the Careers website.
Got a great idea for a community project but don't know where to start? Come and have chat with us, and we can hopefully get things going in the right direction!
Whether you're looking for the right community partner, trying to find funding or wondering about the best way to engage other students, the Hub can offer you guidance and support. Just give us an email and tell us more about your idea!
Critical Engagement Events
We run a bespoke programme of events throughout the academic year. Keep up to date with what we have going on by signing up to our [weekly newsletter.](
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